What to do if your order has not arrived?

Prior to contacting the FITCO customer service team it is important to check several things first:

  • Check the tracking link sent as part of your Order Confirmation Email to track your order
  • If you registered an account with THEFITCO.COM it is important you review the delivery information and contact details you provided and ensure it is correct
  • Speak with your neighbours. If you weren’t in then our designated courier may have left the parcel with one of your neighbours
  • Finally, please check secure areas as the parcel may have been left there i.e. your garden, shed, porch etc.

If you are still unable to find your order, please don’t hesitate to call our Customer Service Team who will be able to help and quickly resolve the issue on 01932 334 989


Do you accept orders by telephone?


FITCO do provide this facility but we ask that all orders are placed through the website and only if you are unable to or the website has a fault should you use this service.

Our opening hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Saturday to Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00

For all orders, please call our customer service team on 01932 334 989


Am I able to cancel my orders?


Unfortunately due to the speed with which our warehouse team pick the orders cancelling of orders is difficult. However, if you wish to, please speak with our customer service team and they will see if they can help.

However, please note, we do offer free returns on all orders except sale.


Can I amend my order once I’ve received my Order Confirmation Email?


Unfortunately once an order has been confirmed through our system we are unable to make any amendments.

Can I change the delivery address of my order?

Unfortunately once an order has been confirmed through our system we are unable to make any amendments.


Can I track my order?


All orders are able to be tracked. As part of your Order Confirmation Email you will find a tracking link for your email. This takes you to our designated courier’s site.

Please ensure you leave time from receiving your link to tracking your order as there is the chance for a delay between us confirming your order and our courier receiving your delivery instructions.

Store collections at present are not tracked through the same link. We will provide a separate email confirming when your order has arrived in store.

I am missing part of my order?


There are instances where it is not possible for your entire order to be delivered in one go. If this is the case we will send an email confirming the change and explain the reasoning behind it.

If you have not received any form of communication from us please contact our customer service team and provide your order reference number and they will be able to assist.

All items not sent due to being out of stock will be fully refunded.


What payment methods do we accept?


Below are a list of cards we accept:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

Please note, here at FITCO we take your security very seriously and ensure all precautions are taken to protect both our customers and ourselves.


Can I use a promotional code?


Prior to placing your payment details into our portal we have a section titled ‘Got a Discount Code? Click here to apply it’, enter over the text and press confirm. Your total should then adjust to the new, discounted price.

Please check the T&C’s relating to all promotions and / or discounts that are on offer.


If an item is out of stock am I able to pre-order or order over the phone?


At the moment we are unable to offer this service. However, if you contact our customer service team they can check when the item is back in stock


What are your delivery charges?


Please see our full list of delivery charges. Please note this is subject to change


Can I return a product?


All items are able to be returned. Please review our returns policy